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For Further Study

Read the following Bible passages this week for the various covenants:

1. God’s promise to Adam: Genesis 2
2. God’s promise to Noah: Genesis 8 & 9
3. God’s promise to Abraham: Genesis 15 & 17
4. God’s promise to Moses: Exodus 19-20, 24, & 34
5. God’s promise to David: 2 Samuel 7
6. God’s New Promise: Jeremiah 31, and Isaiah 53-54

What is covenant?
(Genesis 6:18, 9:9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, and 17)
The concept of covenant (“berit”) comes from the verb (“berah”), “to cut,” and so refers to the ancient Eastern custom, followed in the making of a covenant, of passing between the parts of slain animals laid out on opposite sides from each other, to symbolize that the same fate as that of the animals may befall the violator of the covenant in question, hence the expression (“karat berit,” foedus ferire). According to others, it derives from an Assyrian stem Meaning “to bind.” However this may be, it is clear from Genesis 21, 26, and 31 that a “berit” is characterized by three features:

-An oath or promise that includes stipulations agreed upon.
-A curse that invokes divine punishment upon the violator of the covenant and
-A cultic ceremony that represents the curse symbolically.

The main issue in the word “berit” is not whether it denotes a covenant or a statute. What matters is that it refers in general to the kind of promise, agreement, treaty, covenant, ordinance, grant, and so on that is placed by a solemn ceremony under the protection of God and so achieves a kind of indissolubility.


1. How many times the word “covenant” appear in Genesis 9 and Genesis 17 respectively?

2. What other books in the Old Testament contain the word “Covenant” and what are the circumstances and the parties involved in each occasion?

3. What are other covenantal signs in the Old Testament?

(Genesis 17:11 and Exodus 31:16-17)

4. What are the two New Testament covenantal sign equivalents?

(Ephesians 4:5 and 1 Corinthians 11:23-26)

Sacrifice creates true belonging.

1. Creation, Un-creation, and Re-creation (Genesis 9:1)
– Adam and Noah as second Adam

2. Judgment and Salvation (Genesis 9:5-7)
– Life severed, blood shed, and lives saved

3. Blessed or Cursed? (Genesis 9:24-26)
– “Be filled with the Holy Spirit” (Ephesians 5:1-18)


– What happens when people don’t sacrifice their time, desires, and money to start a new family?

– What is the relationship between money and lifeblood? Compare and contrast

– How does drunkenness or any type of addiction or substance abuse lead to a feeling of being cursed?

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