We meet at Village Church of Irvine, every Sunday afternoon and at homes during the week called Community Groups.

Service is Sundays at 4:00pm in the Main Worship Hall.

77 Post
Irvine, CA 92618

What to expect:

You will see a Center Church sign in the parking lot and be greeted by our Welcome Team.

You will receive a bulletin/outline for the day’s service and directed to Main Worship Hall.

Your children ages 12 and under can be excused to childcare after the children’s portion of the service.

Dress is casual.

Our service style is “contemporary classical”… a combination of contemporary worship songs and classical hymns, prayers by saints now and of old, interactive gospel reading, a timeless message for today’s world, and a specific call to action in light of the truth in Jesus. We are a small church that is growing and we welcome and invite everyone to visit.