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About Us

Center Church seeks God’s kingdom and makes Jesus the center of our lives from Sunday through Saturday. Founded in 2013, Center Church challenges the mindless, entertainment-driven, and consumeristic assumptions of the world (and some churches).


Our Sunday messages unpack popular assumptions about success, faith, and relationships. We believe that the realities of God’s word are echoed in philosophy, psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, and sociology. Our hope is that each message challenges you to see God in deeper, more meaningful ways.  

Every Christian Needs a Church

We believe that fellowship in a real, safe and supportive community is essential for Christians' growth and accountability. We prioritize robust conversations, committed mentorship, and personal development, so that each member realizes the image of God in all aspects of life. This is how we measure success. 

Center Church is currently affiliated with Acts 29, a network of churches committed to plant churches worldwide. Our members come from various stages of life and denominational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds that reflect the demographics of Irvine and Orange County.

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What does Service Look Like?

It’s a low-pressure, welcoming environment!

The entire service involves Scripture readings, the message, prayer, music, and is centered in the Gospel.  Also in a typical service, the congregation participates in a call-and-response style (liturgy) that reminds us of the Gospel story.  We celebrate the Lord’s Supper (communion) weekly, using bread and grape juice. Any Christian, regardless of membership, can join us; we request that those who are not professing Christians refrain from taking communion.


Our service is in English. Dress code is casual, or whatever you feel comfortable in! There is ample parking, as well as disabled parking spots with easy access to the sanctuary.  There is no youth program; we encourage families to worship together at the service.

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Money and the Church

Center Church currently employs 3 staff members who work on the message, music, and discipleship from week to week; all other leadership offices are filled by volunteers in our

community. In addition, all of our paid staff are currently co-vocational (they have other jobs and employment that support themselves concurrently).  Feel free to request documentation by emailing ( 

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Sundays 1-2pm

18422 Culver Dr

Irvine, CA 92612

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