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Sunday Service
1:00 pm

18422 Culver Dr
Irvine, CA 92612
Center Church exists to make everyday disciples.
We do this in three ways...

When we meditate, God’s voice reminds us of what we aren’t, who we are,

and what He has done. In fact, meditation on God’s story is the only way to escape the mindlessness that plagues both our world and the church!


Too often, the church aims to entertain rather than equip.

Center Church Irvine is committed to personal mentorship

in the tools and skills of faith. From our budgets to our calendars,

being equipped means mature, resilient joy in all aspects of life.


Rather than listening to the voice of consumerism that says "more, more, more,"

the Holy Spirit invites you to acknowledge your current reality

and cultivate your gifts. When we cultivate, we create, live, and sacrifice

for the Kingdom of God: a meaningful life each and every day. 

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